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Why does my order have handling fees?

Santa Barbara County has adopted a Wine Business Improvement District (BID). The BID is essentially a tax (analogous to the “resort fees or bed tax” you pay at a hotel).  Per the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association, the BID was created to provide funding for Santa Barbara County wine, winery & vineyard promotions. The BID is a 1% assessment on all Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales.

The Wine Preserve (BID) is funded by a 1% fee charged to the winery on all DTC sales that incur CA sales tax.  This includes, wine, tasting fees, merchandise, food, and wine club sales. 

It is the wineries responsibility to collect the fee as part of the normal customer transaction. Legally, Happy Canyon Vineyard is required to collect the BID, since we are in the industry specified of the Improvement District.  

Happy Canyon Vineyard has utilized a handling fee on all California based sales to collect the BID.  If you pick up wine at our winery or tasting room or you have shipped wine to a location in the state of California, you will have been charged a 1.35% handling fee, that is used to directly fund the BID.  The additional 0.35% handling fee is to offset the fees associated with credit card transactions.

Click here to be directed to the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association to answer questions you may have about the Wine Business Improvement District (BID).