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PIOCHO RANCH  is a peaceful and beautiful property that sits nestled in the Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, a perfect location for growing grapes and riding horses.

Apart from our beautiful vineyards, Piocho Ranch is a place where we blend our passion for the game of polo with the art of making wine.  Our aim is excellence and elegance, which is why we are meticulous about everything we do.  Our horses are trained with the same detail as the greatest of athletes.  Our two regulation sized Polo fields are groomed with the same care as the finest golf courses in the world.  Our vineyards are organic, sustainable, and completely hand done.  As a result our property attracts the best Polo ponies, the best Polo athletes, and consistently produces some of the best bordeaux varietal wines in the world.

We are passionate about being good stewards of the land.  As such, we have kept the historical native american name of our ranch, Piocho, and selected it as the name of our Polo team and the name of our flagship wines.  We have two dry creek river beds, one to the west and another to east that run through our ranch and meet at the edge of the property.  PIocho means "Where the two rivers meet and go to heaven."

Happy Canyon is a fairly new area for grape growing and the results from the property as well as the surrounding vineyards have been spectacular for Bordeaux varietals. The six wines: Ten~Goal, Brand, Blanc, Piocho, Chukker, and Piocho Sauvignon Blanc have been hugely successful.