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Sean D. Pitts

I became a member of the Barrack family when I had the honor to marry my beautiful wife Jodi in 2001.  I grew up in the east Tennessee valley countryside, where I developed a love for the outdoors.  As part of the Barrack family for nearly two decades, I share with them a deep passion and commitment for being good stewards of the land.  For me, there is nothing more exciting than getting the first taste of the new vintage.  I love the horses on Piocho Ranch and I'm fascinated and astounded each time I watch a summertime Polo match.  Along with hanging out with Jodi and playing with my kids Gracie and Davey, I enjoy riding my bike, running, swimming, surfing and fishing. The Barrack family has taken me in as one of their own and I am truly blessed and deeply grateful for their trust in me to lead Happy Canyon Vineyard and Barrack Family Estate wines into a bright and prosperous future.

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